Welcome back!

Welcome back to Siddal Primary School for Spring Term 2. We hope you had a fantastic break!

We have a very exciting half term planned in year 3, learning all about the rainforest. We will discover where these amazing places are and have the opportunity to get close to some of the animals that live there. We are very lucky to be able to visit Tropical World in Leeds, where the children will be exposed to some amazing sights and experiences.

Please keep checking the blog for more exciting news about the children’s learning.

Miss Clegg

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Lights Camel Action!

KS1 & Y3 had an exceptional afternoon performing their nativity to all their grown ups! From the Innkeepers’ Tango to the disco stars the children shone brightly and performed amazingly! We look forward to our final performance for our grown ups tomorrow morning at 9am.

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The Tin Forest.

Rhino class became serious actors and actresses today as the stepped into the role of the old man, who built himself a tin forest.

First, we hot seated the old man by asking him lots of questions to understand what emotions he had in the scene.

Then, the children were placed into groups. The children were given time to text mark their scene to consider how they would perform the text.

For example, will they speak in unison, in canon, individually? Will they use movement or actions? Will they use props? What tone and intonation will bring the text to life? · After the children have had time to prepare, all the groups performed to the whole class.

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Sports Day!

Rhino class had an amazing time. Well done everyone you were all absolutely amazing! A special thank you to Mrs. Moore our class parent helper.

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Year 3- TT Rockstar Champions!

On Friday we will be completing a mixed 3, 4 and 8 times table test so get singing!

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Warburtons, bakers born and bred!


Today Rhino class fixed up their hair, popped on a hair net and apron and rolled up their sleeves! We had the great pleasure of having a visitor today from a local Warburton’s Factory. We learnt all about the history of the company, the importance of a balanced diet and why we shouldn’t waste food. We then created a sandwich using as many colours of the rainbow. What a fantastic day had by all!



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Reaching new heights!

Rhino class had a great PE session on Monday developing their strength, balance and co-ordination.

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Tudor Rose

Here are just a few examples of the amazing Tudor Roses made in clay.

The children worked hard to incorporate all the detail on their design.

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Battle of Bosworth Field!

Attention all of Siddal, today Year 3 have witnessed a nail biting scene from The Battle of Boswarth – The War of the Roses.

Rhino class were split in half to represent the two families that went head to head in this battle.

The Lancastrians (Red Rose)were led by Mrs. Newham, aka Henry VII. They were against the Yorkists (White Rose) led by Miss Sunderland, aka Richard III.

Rhino class witnessed an epic battle where sadly, Richard III (Miss Sunderland) perished!

We then saw Henry VII marry Elizabeth of York to unite the families and bring the two roses together, making the Tudor Rose.  

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Year 3- times table focus

This week Rhino class are focusing on the eight times table.

Please practise at home for the TT Rockstars test, this week.

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